“I have a week to make a change” by Hilda Tresz

“I have a week to make a change” by Hilda Tresz

Not all zoos reach the international standards to keep animals “between bars”.
So many zoos do not know how to handle animals. The lack of experience and the fear of their management and staff are the main reasons why some animals suffer from solitary confinement.

Hilda has been working for years to help animals in solitary confinement in zoos around the World.  She reminds all zoos their responsability in helping animals in enclosures.  As she said “These animals did not ask to be there; you are their eyes! you have to understand them and help them.  you are responsible for them“.
She creates new environments out of nothing and educates caregivers and zoo keepers how to make a better life to these animals.  She has no fear to express her disapproval to management and governments on zoo animal caring issues.

She has been working with Calao since 2012 when she came to Abidjan Zoo to help out with the chimps.  She has a fabulous experience on doing enrichment with no means.  She is a great support and Calao could not do without her advices at Abidjan Zoo.

“I have a week to make a change” by Hilda Tresz,  this film is dedicated to her great job.

THANKS HILDA!  Keep the good job!