Sal Project: Partnership agreement with the Oceánario de Lisboa

Sal Project: Partnership agreement with the Oceánario de Lisboa

Meeting with Diogo Geraldes and Sophie Decelle

Lisboa, 13th July 2018

After a fructuous meeting with Diogo Geraldes in charge of Education projects in the Oceánario de Lisboa and Calao, represented by its President, Sophie Decelle, we are very pleased to announce that we signed a partnership agreement to support the implementation of the educational programme in Cap Vert /Sal Island, which includes:
– the organisation of dedicated training courses in schools and similar institutions of Sal Island on biodiversity protection and its environment, pollution and recycling through CODE CV, Helia Bernardo.


Helia Bernardo (from CODE CV, with whom CALAO has entered into a separate partnership agreement for the purpose of this education programme) will be trained at the Oceanario de Lisboa, on how to integrate biodiversity conservation, protection of environment, anti-pollution and recycling matters at schools.
Once the training done, Helia Bernardo will perform in Sal public schools a program of courses on biodiversity protection, environment, pollution and recycling.  The content of this program will be finalized over the coming weeks, and shall be agreed between Helia Bernardo, Calao, Oceanario de Lisboa and Sal Municipality.