Successful Education Phase launched in Sal, Cabo Verde

Successful Education Phase launched in Sal, Cabo Verde

We are pleased to inform all our contributors and donors that we have successfully launched our education phase in our project in Sal, Cabo Verde.

Calao contacted the Oceanário de Lisboa and signed up a convention. Thanks to the contribution of the Luxembourg Government we could make sure that our success story goes through.

The Oceanário de Lisboa has created a fantastic brochure that will provide children with a wide range of information on how to protect our environment from plastic waste.

This brochure written in Portuguese is addressed to children upto 12 years. They will be trained on how to integrate biodiversity conservation, protection of environment, anti-pollution and recycling matters at schools.

By protecting the ocean, we are protecting all life on Earth, including every human being. Our best weapons are emotions and education. However, if the sea can trigger emotions alone, our duty is to spread knowledge and to make everyone understand that we all have a role to play in Nature conservation. This is Oceanário’s goal in Portugal and we believe that is even more important in Cape Verde with our partner Calao. By training the teachers in issues related to marine litter, we are turning them into the agents of change, our best allies to raise awareness about plastic pollution and to foster behavioural change.” says Diogo Geraldes, from the Education Department of the Oceanário de Lisboa has contributed widely to this great education project.

We would like to reiterate our thanks to the Oceanário de Lisboa,
our long-term partner that could help Calao
to expand its education activities in Cabo Verde