Fresh news from the Zoo of Abidjan

Posted on November 26, 2012 at 9:35 AM

Dear Members,
After several weekly visits of Craig and Vincent Lapeyre, things are getting better every day at the zoo. New arrival of a Leopard, water buffalo, another BB Chimp, TAI, we are still amazing by the wildlife trade that Cote d’Ivoire is suffering. But animals are our priority and with the help of experts, we manage to give a better life to our survivers!
Richard Champion, our zoologist, arrived last week and took the opportunity to meet with Ingo Schmidinger, the Elephant Expert from Katinga Association and Elephant Group Europe, who is training the 20 years old CAN. A very interesting challenge but CAN seems to react positively to it.
Richard hopes to be able to continue his work and change several infrastructure within the premises with the great help of the Director of the Zoo, Blandine Sey and her keepers.
These are the actions which took place upon Richard’s arrival:
– Vet inspection and anti parasite
– all tortoises checked, cleaned, scrubbed and measured for records
– delivery of tyres for enrichment
The animals are getting good food and plenty of water and the zoo is looking very clean with a lot of work done by Blandine Sey and her keepers. The visitor sitting area looks very good as well.

Visite hebdomadaire faite par Craig & Vincent – 04.10.2012

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Chita, la pensionnaire Chimpanzee du Zoo, s’habitue de plus en plus à son nouvel environnement qui est enrichit quotidiennement de branches, feuilles sans oublier le hammac installé par Vincent. Son comportement s’est beaucoup amélioré depuis son arrivée et nous espèrons pouvoir la regrouper avec d’autres pensionnaires chimpanzés très bientot.
Une discussion reste toujours ouverte sur le fait que les portes glissantes de l’enclos principal des chimpanzés ne sont pas réparées. Nous espèrons l’intervention financière du Ministère dés que possible.
L’eau du bassin de l’hippo pygmy a été nettoyé ainsi que celle des faux gavials.
Les hyènes ont besoin de changer d’enclos mais pour le moment profite des feuilles misent dans l’enclos actuel.
Le leopard est de moins en moins effrayé par sa situation; des quantités moindres de nourriture vont lui être données ainsi qu’une variation plus ample.
Les serpents, boas et pythons vont très bien et se prélassent sur les branches qui leur ont été installées.
De prochaines nouvelles très bientot …

Excuses officielles du Ministere des Eaux et Forets pour la Diffusion du video de l’AFP

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 5:00 AM

Le Ministère des Eaux et Forêts a fait ses excuses publiques sur son site internet au sujet de la diffusion de ce terrible video sur le zoo d’Abidjan. L’Association du Calao asbl se réjouit de cette action.
Ministry of Water and Forests presented officially their apologies for the publication of this horrendeous video about the zoo. Calao Association is very pleased of this action.
Communiqué Officiel du Ministère des Eaux et Forêts

Ceremony – Important Donation to the zoo

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 9:40 AM

A British Company installed in Cote d’Ivoire that makes machettes with “British steel” gave 30 new machettes “Crocodiles’ to our happy zookeepers to help them keep down the vegetation that grows at a spectacular rate in the country. They need to look after 50 acres which is 20 hectares …

We thank so much Craig Hitchcock and this Company, Ralph Martindale (England) Ltd.

Visite hebdomadaire au zoo par Vincent Lapeyre et Craig Hitchcock

Posted on September 25, 2012 at 9:05 AM

Today was the day of the weekly visit to the zoo. We had the pleasure to welcome Dr. Akaffou and his Assistant, Arouna, from the Institute Pasteur. The main goal was to make a diagnosis of the pythons’ issue.
We had talked about it on Tuesday when we met, and today our two herpethologists confirmed that the two pythons were not African origin but Asian one. Research will soon be made to know exactly what species they belong to. Even if the African climate is similar to Asian one, conditions are probably quite different especially the one needed for the exotic reptiles, so they might need some more time to adapt properly to the Ivorian climate. One of them especially was not able to slough its skin, a problem that could end by the death of the animal. Its old skin was ready to leave but it couldn’t dispose of it itself. Dr. Akaffou and Arouna showed the dedicated keepers, Claude and Alexis, how to deal with that kind of problem. They helped it to dispose of its old skin, then disinfected and treated the new one. They also gave it oral vitamins and gave a lot of advices to the keepers and everybody else around. They showed how to manipulate these animals safely, and the Dr. Akaffou explained us the protocol we will have to follow for the next month. Somethings are to be done every day, some others will have to be done once a week, during a month.
Believe it or not, but less than 30 minutes after it had been liberated from its old skin, the sickest snake was moving on the ground normally trying to climb on its shelter, things that were never assess before. The two specialists think that he should recover its appetite very quickly.
The second one needed cares too, but it was not as weak as the first one. Keepers will have to give him specific cares for the next month. At last our two specialists and two new ones, Dr. Akaffou, Arouna, Claude and Alexis, took care of the of biggest python of the 5 existing one. This one was caught in the bush one month ago. It is about 3 to 3.20 meter long and like the majority of rock pythons, it has a rather vile temper. It still has wounds behind the head, as if it had been caught in a trap. The experts caught it and disinfected it. It was not pleased !
After a short break under the “Apatame” with our special guests of the day, we let them go and thanked them deeply. Craig noticed that the water of crocodiles has been changes and enclosure cleaned. We hope that the same will be done for the hippo pool.
Chita, our new BB chimp, is fine. She has been sick at the of last week, but Craig saw it first and we were able to ask for a vet friend what to do. Blandine Sey showed her concern about the Baby’s health and she did what was necessary. Chita recovered fast. She is now used to ther big Teddy bear (see videos), she even sleeps with it. She leaves her cage twice a day, every day, with her favorite keeper. They walk together around the zoo, she is apparently a good girl.