Sal Newsletter – A Christmas beach cleaning!

Sal Newsletter – A Christmas beach cleaning!

On 24th November 2018, Calao Luxembourg has performed its last monthly beach cleaning for 2018, Sal, Cabo Verde.
A group of volunteers helped us during the operation to collect marine waste.

We would like to thank all the volunteers for their precious help!

Please help us to continue in 2019 these actions by joining in our activities.  We have a launch a fund raising which could help us to do so.
Your help and our actions are very important to the Island of Sal; it helps the local communities to attract more tourism and businesses within the island.

This short video will show you our success story.

We count on your continuous help and confidence in our activities
2019 will be challenging!
we will put into place our education programme in schools,
which will focus on biodiversity protection and recycling
The recycling unit will also be on our 2019 programme


Please contribute to this success story