Successful Education Phase launched in Sal, Cabo Verde

Successful Education Phase launched in Sal, Cabo Verde

We are pleased to inform all our contributors and donors that we have successfully launched our education phase in our project in Sal, Cabo Verde.

Calao contacted the Oceanário de Lisboa and signed up a convention. Thanks to the contribution of the Luxembourg Government we could make sure that our success story goes through.

The Oceanário de Lisboa has created a fantastic brochure that will provide children with a wide range of information on how to protect our environment from plastic waste.

This brochure written in Portuguese is addressed to children upto 12 years. They will be trained on how to integrate biodiversity conservation, protection of environment, anti-pollution and recycling matters at schools.

By protecting the ocean, we are protecting all life on Earth, including every human being. Our best weapons are emotions and education. However, if the sea can trigger emotions alone, our duty is to spread knowledge and to make everyone understand that we all have a role to play in Nature conservation. This is Oceanário’s goal in Portugal and we believe that is even more important in Cape Verde with our partner Calao. By training the teachers in issues related to marine litter, we are turning them into the agents of change, our best allies to raise awareness about plastic pollution and to foster behavioural change.” says Diogo Geraldes, from the Education Department of the Oceanário de Lisboa has contributed widely to this great education project.

We would like to reiterate our thanks to the Oceanário de Lisboa,
our long-term partner that could help Calao
to expand its education activities in Cabo Verde

Le Luxembourg nous soutient dans le combat contre le plastique

Le Luxembourg nous soutient dans le combat contre le plastique

Calao is delighted to announce the official support of the Ministry of Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development in Luxembourg for its ambitious project in Cape Verde.

Thanks to their financial support, Calao and its partners, CODE CV and Oceonario de Lisboa, will launch a major education campaign in schools on the island of Sal from September 2019.
This campaign will initially be carried out by training teachers and teachers on the themes of bio-diversity protection, plastic pollution, and ways to combat this hugh plastic issue, as well as on recycling.
A hundred teachers will be trained, and ill receive a training kit, in order to be able to deliver this new type of field in the best conditions. Students from 6 to 12 years old; this programme will tackle a large part of the young local community.

Finally, we have just completed the acquisition of the first machines in Portugal, which will allow us to create the first plastic recycling unit in Sal this year.

We hope to be able to carry out the first tests from the plastic collected in the city of Santa Maria, around December 2019.


Calao a l’immense plaisir d’annoncer le soutien officiel du Ministère de l’environnement, du climat, et du développement durable au Luxembourg, pour notre ambitieux projet au Cap Vert.

Grace à leur soutien financier, Calao et ses partenaires, CODE CV et Oceonario de Lisboa, vont pouvoir lancer une grande campagne d’éducation dans les écoles de l’île de Sal dès le mois de Septembre 2019.
Cette campagne sera menée dans un premier temps par la formation des instituteurs et professeurs sur les thèmes de la protection de la bio-diversité, la pollution du plastique, et les moyens de combattre ce fléau, ainsi que sur le recyclage.
Une centaine d’enseignants seront ainsi formées par nos soins, et recevront un kit de formation, afin de pouvoir dispenser ce nouveau type de cours dans les meilleures conditions. L’âge des élèves varie entre 6 et 12 ans, ce qui permettra de toucher une large partie de la jeune communauté locale.

Enfin, nous venons de finaliser au Portugal l’acquisition des premières machines, qui nous permettrons de créer à Sal la première unité de recyclage de plastique dès cette année. Nous espérons pouvoir effectuer les premiers tests à partir du plastique collecté dans la ville de Santa Maria, vers Décembre 2019.

L’équipe de CALAO

Sal Newsletter – May 2018

Sal Newsletter – May 2018

On 13 May 2018, Calao Luxembourg has performed its monthly beach cleaning in Shark Bay, Sal, Cabo Verde.
A group of volunteers from Espargos helped us during the operation to collect overall more than 400 Kgs of marine waste.

We would like to thank all the volunteers for their precious help.

Our action was covered in Cabo Verde’s press:

Ilha do Sal: CALAO promove campanha de limpeza visando a protecção das tartarugas marinhas

Ilha do Sal: Associação ambientalista promove campanha de limpeza visando a protecção das tartarugas marinhas

Rapport d’activités 2016 – Activity Report 2016

Rapport d’activités 2016 – Activity Report 2016

Chers amis de l’Association du Calao asbl,

Voici enfin notre rapport d’activités pour l’année 2016. [activity report 2016FR (v7)]

L’équipe de Calao vous en souhaite une bonne lecture !

Par la même occasion, Calao voudrait encore tous vous remercier pour votre soutien inconditionnel durant l’exercice de nos activités.
Nous comptons sur vous.

L’équipe de Calao

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Newsletter April 2016

Newsletter April 2016

collage April beach cleaning

Another good way to celebrate Earth Day!

Thanks to Project Biodiversity group, Mitu Monteiro and the rest of volunteers, Calao asbl Luxembourg performed a beach cleaning on 24th April in Kite Beach and collected 700 kgs of plastic waste. Once again we would like to thank all volunteers that helped Calao represented by Helder with great energy during the whole operation, the team of kitesurfers from and the help of Luxair.

Our next cleaning operation will be held in May.

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